Interesting announcements at Ignite 2018

I thought I'd share some of the announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2018 that I found really interesting. Obviously this is a subset of announcements, related only to products I've used or am planning to use in the future.

IoT Hub/Edge:
  1. There’s a Jenkins plugin for edge modules that enables builds and deployments to the devices:
Cosmos DB:
  1. Support for multiple masters (which allows scaling writes across regions):
Containers/Container Registry/K8s:
  1. The Registry now has support for Helm Chart Repos, Docker Content Trust and ACR tasks:
  • ACR tasks are pretty cool – if you have multiple images dependent on a certain base image, you can trigger updated builds for all the images when you update the base image.
    Also – I think it can do a lot of what pipelines can?
  • Azure Container Instances (ACI) can be deployed into existing VNETs:
  • K8S is available on Stack in preview
  1. As you may have already heard me say elsewhere, Azure Pipelines is AMAZING:
  1. Recommendation system for models based on your dataset. I’m assuming this will work well for generic problems. Definitely something interesting to play around with!:
  2. HDInsight supports Hadoop 3.0:
  3. Azure CDN is GA:
  4. Functions V2 is GA:
  • Support for Java and Python is still in preview
  • Consumption plan for Linux is in preview
  • Event Hubs is available on Azure Stack
  • Service Fabric is available on Azure Stack

As always, feel free to reach out to me @rohchak if you have any questions!