Interesting announcements at Ignite 2018

I thought I'd share some of the announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2018 that I found really interesting. Obviously this is a subset of announcements, related only to products I've used or am planning to use in the future.

IoT Hub/Edge:
  1. There’s a Jenkins plugin for edge modules that enables builds and deployments to the devices:
  2. IoT Edge Module Marketplace. A place for hardware manufacturers/3rd party software vendors to publish hardware specific modules:
  3. Edge devices can now restart and establish connections to the edge hub even if the hub isn’t connected to the internet (Still requires a one-time sync):
  4. Device Twin property based routing in IoT Hub:
  5. Digital Twins in public preview:
  6. The Device Provisioning service has much higher limits now
  7. Edge support for Blobs:
Cosmos DB:
  1. Support for multiple masters (which allows scaling writes across regions):
  2. Reserved Capacity (subscription plan vs pay-as-you-go):
Containers/Container Registry/K8s:
  1. The Registry now has support for Helm Chart Repos, Docker Content Trust and ACR tasks:
    • ACR tasks are pretty cool – if you have multiple images dependent on a certain base image, you can trigger updated builds for all the images when you update the base image. Also – I think it can do a lot of what pipelines can?
  2. Azure Container Instances (ACI) can be deployed into existing VNETs:
  3. K8S is available on Stack in preview
  1. As you may have already heard me say elsewhere, Azure Pipelines is AMAZING:
    • Configuring a build is really clean. (I'll create a build using a public repo soon!)
    • Allows you to connect “service connections” like our docker registry to pull images from, k8s clusters, jenkins
    • Build steps can run on either the VM or within (one or more) containers
    • Allows defining multiple “jobs” that run in parallel
    • Extensions for deploying to AWS, Azure, K8S clusters
  2. Resource specific alerts (configurable alerts for platform issues. This might be useful for alerting systems):
  3. Deployment Manager (for multi-stage/multi-region deployments):
  1. Recommendation system for models based on your dataset. I’m assuming this will work well for generic problems. Definitely something interesting to play around with!:
  2. HDInsight supports Hadoop 3.0:
  3. Azure CDN is GA:
  4. Functions V2 is GA:
    • Support for Java and Python is still in preview
    • Consumption plan for Linux is in preview
  5. Event Hubs is available on Azure Stack
  6. Service Fabric is available on Azure Stack

As always, feel free to reach out to me @rohchak if you have any questions!